Are NFT’s and Web3 creating a new era for artists?

Miquela, the robot influencer.

[Ancient peoples] hunted and gathered and there were no large coloric surpluses. So, every healthy person would have had to contribute to acquisition of food and water, and yet somehow, they still made time to create art. Almost as if art isn’t optional for humans.

-John Green, The Anthropocine Reviewed.

Language Repression and the Work of Radical Educators

Photo by Gama. Films on Unsplash

As the United States galloped into the 20th century, this young nation (with less than 150 years under its belt) was enjoying unprecedented economic growth. This growth was made possible in part through the development of the Southwestern territories, a generous hunk of land that it had won from Mexico…

Giovan J. Michael

The Writer for the Non-Readers.

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